Sandra Miller is the Women's and Family Support Worker for Walla Mulla. 
She brings years of experience to the position, including expertise in Aboriginal, 
Domestic Violence and Health issues.

The Women's and Family Support Worker is responsible for the following Key Activities:

  • Direct Service:
Develop community awareness of domestic violence issues.

Develop community links with related agencies and workers, engaging in community development projects on relevant issues.

To provide support/counselling, referral and advocacy options to community members, families and children in stress and crisis through home visits or centre based appointments.

To provide various groups with support and meet needs identified in the community (this includes maintaining the local playgroup for parents/carers and their children).

To network and organise health professionals to resource the area.

To be actively involved with the Redfern Legal Centre Court Support Scheme.

  • Advocacy:
Represent and advocate on behalf of target group to relevant organisations, e.g. Police, Centrelink and Department of Housing.

Facilitate target group's access to appropriate generalist and specialist services.

Work to ensure the service provided is provided in a sensitive way and responds to their needs.

  • Liaison:
Attend relevant interagency meetings, forums both locally and regional as appropriate.

Develop and maintain links with relevant agencies and workers.

Research and Information:
Conduct research to identify and evaluate the changing needs in the area.

Maintain accessible and up-to-date information on resources and services relevant to target group.

Act as a resource to other Walla Mulla and local workers.