Walla Mulla operates a Family Support Service based in Woolloomooloo, and After School and Vacation Care (K-6) based in Darlinghurst. Walla Mulla strives to be an independent, community based organisation offering support and advocacy to a diversity of families based on social justice principles. The Co-ordinator's role is a core feature of Walla Mulla's outreach and community development work.

The Co-ordinator works with a holistic approach towards the centre's multi functional role and has an understanding of each worker's contribution. This includes supervising the involvement of the service with referred families and ensures that priority of access to all services available at the centre is given to our target groups.

The Co-ordinator liaises on professional issues with other relevant community services and agencies and ensures that the organisation is represented at meetings relevant to our client group and the organisation's function within the community.

The Co-ordinator assesses the needs and interest of the community and implements programs in consultation with each staff member, whilst providing staff with support in the development and implementation of a holistic balance of social and educational activities.

Walla Mulla trys to actively support initiatives, in conjunction with other workers, designed to meet gaps/deficiencies in local resources for families and tenants.

If you have any issues of concern or positive information please feel free to come in to the centre in and have a chat, or contact the Co-ordinator: info@wallamulla.org.au